March 25, 2023
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Mohamed Ait HseinSunday October 2, 2022 – 12:30 pm

The family of 25-year-old Saeed bin Amr from Duar Taklakult, administratively part of the community of Al-Nif (Tinghir province), is still waiting to receive his body for burial after his death in Greece earlier this year, as a result of a cold wave that wanted, so that he died immediately on the emigration trip failed to Germany via Greece.

In statements to Hespress, the family of the victims said that the Moroccan embassy in Athens informed them of the death of their son Saeed bin Amr (his national identification number PA159889), who dreamed of coming to Germany from Turkey and Greece, adding that she informed her of the need to collect the necessary documents and forward them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad for the necessary action, noting that the relevant ministry has received all the documents.

In the details of the death of young Said, as relatives of his companions on the failed trip said, they walked along the Greek-Turkish border, and the weather was cold due to snowfall, which caused the death of the young man on the spot, despite attempts to save him.

Mohammed bin Amr, the brother of the deceased youth, said that “the family sent a request for sympathy to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God help him and support him, to give his high orders to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and African cooperation and Moroccans living abroad are working on the transfer her son’s body to Morocco for burial”, noting that the family’s financial situation did not allow them to cover the costs of transporting the body.

The same spokesman confirmed in a statement to the online newspaper Hespress that the Moroccan embassy in Athens repeatedly informed the family that the deceased was her son and asked them to expedite the transfer of his body or bury him in Greece and send death. only evidence that is rejected by the family, especially the parents of the deceased, who demand that Said’s body be transported to Morocco for burial, he said.

Mohammed bin Amr added that the family, more than 10 months after her son’s death and his body left in a mortuary in a hospital in Greece, are asking King Mohammed VI to intervene and hand over the body, noting that her son “had dreamed of ways to Europe, but fate wanted him to move to the Abode of Survival, leaving behind the pain and grief for his family, especially since he has not yet been buried, ”as he put it.

Al-Nif Al-Grik, Said bin Amr

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