April 1, 2023

The community of Casablanca is prioritizing reducing its burdensome energy bills through the use of photovoltaic panels.

The community of Casablanca has decided, as part of its action program, which Mayor Nabilah Al Rumaili has called a “green program” that supports the environment, to use these panels in the buildings owned by the group and their surroundings, and to encourage public administrations and institutions to use solar energy for its selective consumption.

According to the content of the work program to be voted on, the goal is to reduce the electricity bill for the community of Casablanca, in addition to participating in the Kingdom’s policy to introduce and promote renewable energy sources while ensuring partial independence in electricity consumption.

The Municipality of Casablanca expects that under this program, the use of solar energy will reduce electricity bills by 70 percent by 2028 for Community buildings and its territories associated with the project.

It is also expected, according to the work program, that the level of acceptance of the project by public administrations and institutions that will use solar energy for its selective consumption will reach 20 percent by 2028.

The Casablanca Collective Council, which has proposed a budget of around AED 150 million for the program, will adopt a policy to encourage public administrations and institutions to use solar energy while consuming electricity.

In this regard, Moulay Ahmed Afilal, Deputy Mayor of Casablanca, confirmed that this program aims to rationalize the use of electricity and the use of solar energy in various provinces and departments of the Community.

In a statement to Hespress e-newspaper, Avilal, who is delegated to the cleaning and green space sector, explained that the solar energy project in institutions will contribute to reducing electricity bills and reduce the budget allocated to this aspect.

He added that this project will be the result of partnership with several ministries, as well as the private sector, and its management and supervision will be entrusted to the local development company Casablanca Environment, indicating that after the approval of the work of the program, special studies will be launched for it.

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