November 29, 2022

Mustafa Baitas, Delegate Minister in charge of Parliamentary Relations, a government spokesman, said the main approach to protecting Moroccan cultural heritage is to register it with international institutions, stressing that the government takes legal and administrative action without hesitation. to preserve the Moroccan heritage.

During a press conference after a government council, Baitas commented on the incident with the use of the Moroccan “zullidge” pattern in the design of Algerian sports shirts. Saying that these incidents are always repeated”, pointing to “their repetition in corners and couscous”.

He stated that every time the government takes legal and administrative measures to preserve the heritage, he noted that the Ministry of Custodians made an effort in this context this year by registering a number of products with international institutions representing the national heritage.

He added that this is the main approach to protecting cultural heritage before going to court.

Mourad El Agouti, President of the Moroccan Lawyers’ Club, said he was instructed by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Communications to issue a legal warning to the legal representative of the global company Adidas at its German headquarters regarding the use of Moroccan zellige patterns from the Moroccan cultural heritage in the design of sports shirts with their origin from the country of Other (Algeria).

He added: “We have warned the company that this is a cultural appropriation and an attempt to rob a form of traditional Moroccan cultural heritage and use it outside of its context, which contributes to the loss and distortion of the identity and history of these cultural elements. “.

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