March 25, 2023

Reading Wednesday’s newspaper articles, we’ll start with Al-Masaa, which said that the customs authorities had stopped customs officers at the Hergerat border crossing and started investigating others, amid the dissolution of the central inspection commission. at the Gergera border crossing.

The move follows some complaints from dealers confirming disparities at the border crossing level, especially with regard to the method adopted for participants at the border crossing and the tithing method for Chinese and Turkish goods entering through Mauritanian borders. Port of Friendship and head to Morocco through the Hergerat border crossing.

For its part, Al-Massa released information that the judicial police in Marrakesh had arrested a high school student, Al-Majd, who was in possession of 23 karkubi tablets and two packs of silicon stickers.

The news added that the security cell of the school, in agreement with the parent committee of the aforementioned educational institution, detained the student concerned. As a result of the search of the detainee, 23 hallucinogenic pills were seized, as well as two cans of a silicon plaster.

In another piece of news, the same newspaper mentioned that areas on the outskirts of Casablanca are preparing to replace the royal gendarmerie, which works in different companies, with guards after it was discovered that the areas had turned from rural to urban and became populated.

Al-Massa added that in a few days the work of the police commission will begin for the first time in the Al-Darwa area, which to this day is under the influence of the royal gendarmerie.

For its part, it was published in Al Youm’s statement that Henry Louis Fidey, an expert at the Political Center of the New South (PCNS), said that Morocco could play an important role in increasing the fertility of land in Africa. Fidi, speaking on the New South Policy Center’s podcast on Morocco’s food security issues in the context of the war in Ukraine, explained that Morocco is a role model in fertilizer through the OCP Group, which has 14 affiliates in 14 countries in Africa.

And Al-Alam, according to which the Minister of Trade and Industry, Riad Mazur, said that the Moroccan-Saudi working group is exploring the possibilities of cooperation between the two countries in the fields of industry, especially defense industry, aviation and railway transport. .

Al-Khabar added that the forger indicated during a meeting with his Saudi counterpart, Majid al-Qasabi, the Saudi Minister of Commerce, that Morocco had sent a draft memorandum of understanding in this area to Saudi Arabia through diplomatic channels, adding: We expect to receive notes on it from the Saudi side to sign it as soon as possible.”

In another piece of news, the same newspaper reported that the exchange office had reported that remittances from Moroccans living abroad topped AED 71.42 billion in the first eight months of this year, compared to AED 64.19 billion in the same period in 2021. Latest Bulletin on Monthly Monthly FX Transactions In June last year, these transfers recorded an increase of 11.3 percent (plus AED 7.23 billion) compared to the same period last year.

Seal from the “Socialist Union”, which wrote that the Ministry of Public Education announced the start of the process of obtaining a pension before reaching retirement age, or the so-called relative pension for the 2024/2023 season.

According to the same platform, this process is taking place within the framework of a proactive approach, which is based on a new vision of the management of the education system, seeking to ensure the appropriate conditions for the launch of the next school entry in 2023-2024.

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