June 2, 2023

Reading some of the papers on Friday and later in the week, we start with an “evening” that reported that difficulties with applications for a license on a digital territorial entity platform have caused controversy, as a citizen in Meknes complained to the newspaper about the difficulties, faced by applicants for some licenses on the digital community platform. This is due to the imposition of the provision of certain documents, which are sometimes difficult for applicants for certain types of economic licenses desired by the majority of citizens.

The same source urged the Minister of the Interior to intervene to review some of the documents that are presented to citizens who wish to obtain certain licenses through a digital platform.

The same newspaper wrote that a Moroccan woman from Martil was able to swim with her child, who is no more than ten years old, in Ceuta before being arrested by members of the Spanish Civil Guard at Crillo beach level.

Al-Masaa also published that Mohamed al-Galousi, head of the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Money, reported that a real estate lobby in the city of Marrakesh had confiscated property near the Azuzi road station allocated for a taxi service. to channel it into investment.

The news added that Al-Ghalusi confirmed in a “message” he posted on his official Facebook page that the Committee on Exclusions, which was chaired by the former governor, was a committee designed to legitimize what he described as “corruption, rent, waste of public funds. property and miss out on people of good repute.”

And from the same media platform that reported that the Royal Gendarmerie units at Al Turabi Center Sidi Rijal Al Shati managed to seize a large amount of drugs, estimated at about one and a half tons, Shera drug, which was loaded on board a car, probably from one of the cities in the north of the kingdom, and directed to one of the countries of the old continent.

For its part, Bayan Al-Youm published that the Spanish media had warned of a shortage that could occur in the number of vessels destined for the Hello 2023 transit operation in these days leading up to Eid al-Adha, which is a case that is usually testifies to the great return of the Moroccans from the world to the bosom of their homeland in order to spend a holiday among their parents.

According to the same platform, some ships may have problems with the Moroccan port authorities due to non-payment of due tax or the expiration of their shipping certificate.

And articles in the same newspaper said that the judicial police were investigating Najat Zahid, a Moroccan immigrant in Spain, the victim of a “dentist” posing as a dentist in Casablanca. The Ministry of Justice urged victim Najat Zahid to follow legal procedures regarding this case after filing a complaint about this at a time when some vocational schools did not respond to her complaints, noting that the case was pending. will be presented in the coming days to the judicial authority at the Court of First Instance in Casablanca.

And “Al-Alam”, which reported that the leadership of the Arab Film Festival in Rotterdam announced the holding of a bright and exciting event for the public from 26 to 27 May called “Days of Cinematic Women”. The festival will give participants the opportunity to experience the culture of Arab women by showing three unique films from Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.

With regard to the “Socialist Union”, it was reported that the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry in Fez will host the first session of the National Conference on Research and Medical Applications of “Kif” or Indian Cannabis from 25 to 27 May, where specialists meet to share the results of their scientific research.

According to the same news, this conference aims to exchange views and knowledge about various aspects of cannabis, including its history and its importance in Moroccan society. Special attention will also be paid to the therapeutic use of cannabis, as well as warnings about its misuse.

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