February 1, 2023
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Hespress from RabatWednesday, January 18, 2023 – 04:14

Omar Mourou, President of the Council of the Tangier-Tetouan-El Hoceima Region, together with Mbarka Buaida, President of the Association “Regions of Morocco”, Nadia PELLEFIG, Vice-President of the Ixitania Region and Representative of the Regions of France, and Philippe MENIER, Ambassador and Director of the Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean cities and territories, took part in the presence of Rabbi Hamlichi, Director of the General Department of Services of the Tangier-Tetouan-El Hoceima region, in the opening of a training course on the “Regional Development Program … An effective tool for inclusive regional development.”

This training course, organized in Tangier by the Association of the “Regions of Morocco” and the French organization Iccitanie as part of the revitalization of the “Regions 2021” project, concerns members and members of regional councils, general directors of departments in the regions, and directors of regional implementing agencies.

Omar Muru said in his speech on the occasion that “the preparation of a regional development program takes place at a specific time and place, and it is necessary to understand and assimilate the stage it is in, with its limitations, risks and opportunities, so that it can respond realistically to the requirements and thus achieve the desired integration and development in accordance with various methods. Strategic planning and proactive management.

He added that “the program that the Tangier-Tetouan-El Hoceima Regional Council is working on to complete and finish today should meet the aspirations of the region within the framework of advanced regionalism and within the framework of a single, solidary and integrated nation, a strong Morocco with its various cultures, territory , civilizations and languages, from Tangier to El Quweira.

He explained that “the council of the region is working on the preparation of a regional development program that contains realistic and pragmatic projects within the scope, capabilities and competencies to achieve sustainable, integrated, comprehensive and integrated development of the entire territory of the region, in integration with the rest of the regions of Morocco for a strong and prosperous Morocco.”

And the head of the regional council emphasized that “immediately after its opening, the council organized a nationwide debate on investment, training and employment, from which about 50 recommendations were extracted, and visited all eight regions of the region to present recommendations and listen to residents and their representatives, as well as find out the size of expectations and stakes, ambitions and determination, combined with responsibility and realism, Agree on practical projects that serve the public interest of the region, within the framework of manageability and spontaneity.

Moro concluded his presentation by emphasizing that “the organizers of this training session did not lose sight of all the important and defining aspects of formulating a realistic and ambitious development model that meets the requirements of the stage in all its social, economic, environmental and governance implications. , and does not forget the ambitions of the future.”

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