February 1, 2023

spent court administrative Meknes Tuesday, isolated the president group Mister Buazza belonging to me the consignment Movement popular, And this As do itmany from Business Violation for laws current with this Job“.

And it was Worker provinces Khenifra may be preceded and ordered With arrest the president group Mister Buazza O Performance with your responsibilities, FROM prevent it from log in headquarters community distance fierce fight between the president And some members, which developed to me Cases in the courts.

And it was Worker Khenifra student court administrative in Meknes in file number 151_7110_2022, isolated the president mentioned according to What kind mandatory Item 64 from law organizational number 14_113 Connected in groups, And this commit afor many from Actions Violation for laws and systems current with this .Job

AndAlready The above official was brought to trial on charges of beating And the wound And swearing and slander in right sun citizens, Ended up with a suspended sentence court Elementary in Khenifre.

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