April 1, 2023
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Rashid Bejiken of Chtouka Ait BahaThursday, March 2, 2023 – 04:16

The units under the Chtuka Ait Baha Regional Civil Protection Command carried out a total of 3,815 operations in 2022, including interventions aimed at ensuring the safety of people and property; This was within the framework of field operations that included intervening to control wildfires and crowds, rescuing victims of traffic accidents and floods, intervening on beaches, and the dangers associated with a number of economic activities, especially in the agricultural sector.

Civil protection service interventions in Chtuka Ait Baha were broken down into traffic accidents with 799 interventions, fires with 223 interventions, electrical accidents with 7 interventions, gas use (15), respiratory diseases (41), poisonings (29) . , and cases of fainting and illness (1723), rescue work (580), support and assistance (76); With animal-related interventions (22) and finally false reports with 3 interventions. The percentage of interventions increased by 25.24 percent compared to the previous year.

This result was summed up during the annual ceremony organized on the occasion of the International Day of Civil Protection, the events of which were chaired by Jamal Haluk, Governor of Chtuk Ait Baha, accompanied by the Chairman of the Regional Council, the head of the territorial commune of Bukri and local authorities.

The celebration included an overview of the logistical and human resources available to the civil protection units in Boukari, Ait Baha and Sidi Bibi. “These are funds that have made it possible to significantly improve safety performance in a number of groups in the region through a number of specific activities in these interests in order to save life and property,” the explanations given during the celebration say.

The celebration of International Civil Protection Day in Chtuka Ait Baha, organized under the slogan “The role of information technology in risk assessment”, was an occasion to raise awareness and communication, as well as an opportunity to conduct a series of interventions that mimic a number of civil protection operations in the field.

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