June 2, 2023

The video shows two British MPs discussing an assignment to advise a shady South Korean company for £10,000 a day; It sparked controversy in the UK on Sunday despite the activity being legal.

Lead By Donkeys, known for its anti-Brexit campaigns, set a trap for Conservative MPs and former ministers Matt Hancock, who served as health secretary during the Covid-19 epidemic, and Kwasi Quarting, who served as short-term finance minister in the fall of 2022.

In the United Kingdom, MPs are allowed to work outside their office and there is no limit to the amount of income they can earn; But they must announce it publicly.

The aforementioned organization explained in a Twitter video that it wanted to conduct an “experiment” in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis.

She added: “While the people need their representatives more than ever, would an MP accept work to advance the interests of a foreign company, and how much would he like to be paid for this?”

The organization contacted 20 MPs and told them that the South Korean company that invented itself wanted to expand its operations in the United Kingdom, and that the job required them to attend six advisory board meetings each year.

While most of the MPs did not respond, Matt Hancock and Kwasi Quarting initiated negotiations via the Zoom app.

Hancock was asked, “Do you have a daily rate?” He replied: “At present, yes; Ten thousand pounds sterling”, i.e. (11,340 euros).

Matt Hancock has previously faced criticism while appearing on a reality TV show in Australia in the fall; while he was an MP.

For his part, Kwasi Kwarting replied that he would not accept less than $10,000 (€9,280) a month before finally asking for £10,000 a day.

And in September, Kwasi Kwarting, then finance minister, presented a budget that blew up the financial markets. I was fired from the government after a few weeks.

The latter did not comment on the clip “Led by Dookies”.

A spokesman for Matt Hancock said he complies with the laws.

Asked by Sky News Sunday morning, Michael Gove, regional rebalancing minister, said: “The proposals remain within the law.” He added: “It’s important to know if the MP lives up to the expectations of his constituents.”

For her part, Lucy Powell, a member of the Labor Party, believed that “prosecution is a full-time job.”

The same MP added: “I don’t think anyone can watch this video without feeling disgusted”, pointing out that there is a “problem” with the current rules.

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