November 28, 2022

Economy and Finance Minister Nadia Fattah said the reality of education in Morocco is the main obstacle to improvement in the Human Development Index, in which Morocco’s ranking has declined as it is still classified at the third and penultimate level among “medium human development countries”.

In her response to a written question addressed to her by Al Bijidi House Representative Naima Al-Fatawi, she explained that the “expected period of study” has steadily improved, reaching 14.2 years of schooling last year. year.

While the “experience in education for adults aged 25 and over” did not exceed 5.9 years in the same year, in contrast it reached 7.9 years in Iraq, 8.7 years in Lebanon and 7. 6 years in Libya.

The second indicator reflects the “shortcomings recorded in school performance over the past decades”, which the minister hoped to avoid in the future through the implementation of “ongoing public reforms related to the education system, which allow Morocco to rise to the forefront of human society.” Development Index”.

The annual Human Development Index produced by the United Nations Development Program is based on three sub-indicators, namely the education index, which is measured as “the period of schooling expected to be completed by a child of school age, with the average number of years of schooling for adults age 25 and over”, and the health index, which is measured by “life expectancy at birth”. And the index of living standards, which is measured by gross domestic product per capita.

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