March 25, 2023

Japanese government data showed today Tuesday that rising energy prices and the weakness of the local currency, the yen, pushed consumer prices up 2.8% in September last year compared to last year, while the highest growth rates, recorded by Japan over three decades, excluding the effects of tax increases.

Japan Today quoted the Ministry of the Interior and Communications as saying Tokyo’s consumer price index, excluding fresh produce, rose for the 13th consecutive month, a new sign that people are increasingly feeling the power of rising prices. Cost of living.

It is noteworthy that consumer prices rose in September last year at the fastest rate since April 1992, when they rose by 2.9%.

The increase in prices is associated with an increase in electricity costs by 24.2% compared to last year. Food prices, excluding perishables, rose 4.5%.

The government intends to adopt a comprehensive economic package by the end of October next year, which includes steps to reduce the impact of price increases on companies and individuals.

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