December 2, 2022

Interior Minister Abdel Wafi Laftit attributed most of the fires flaring up in a palm oasis in the Tata region to the indifference of some residents of those areas when they used fire to burn some dry herbs inside. oasis.

He explained that, to date, investigations have not proven that the fires were arson, as indicated by reports from the Royal Gendarmerie to determine the cause, “whether it was a natural, intentional or unintentional accident.”

In response to a written question addressed to him by a member of the Socialist Team in the House of Representatives, Nuzha Abakarim, he added that, despite the vastness of the region, aviation has never been used to extinguish a fire, since “the available capabilities are used to extinguish fires, and a group of pumps is a motor pump – small.

The region has civil protection units at Tata Center, Foum el Husn and Foum Zakid, with an additional unit planned for Aqa city centre.

At the beginning of summer, mobile detachments were deployed near some oases in the Tamanart and Kasbah communities of Sidi Abdullah bin Mubarak.

He mentioned a partnership agreement for fire protection, preparation and restoration of various oases in the Tata region with an estimated financial coverage of AED 112 million.

Agreement overseen by the National Agency for the Development of Oases and Argan Trees, in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water Resources and Forests, the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, the Tata Province Prefecture, the Souss-Massa Regional Council, the Regional Command civil defense and Tata Regional Council.

It includes the preparation of passages and paths inside the oases to facilitate interventions, firefighting equipment, equipping the paths of oases with public lighting through solar panels, preparing watercourses and mines, and building barricades.

It also aims to establish equipped water points, clean palm nests, distribute seedlings, strengthen and staff nearby civil protection units, provide special mechanisms and equipment for rapid intervention, and equip and support service cooperatives and professional organizations to provide skilled labor.

In addition to “purchasing mechanisms for the processing and evaluation of palm waste, training and awareness.”

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