June 4, 2023

Today, Monday, the President of the Spanish Chamber of Deputies is due to arrive in the Moroccan capital of Rabat to attend an event in the House of Representatives, a visit that is of great interest to Spanish observers as it is the first since the Moroccan-Spanish crisis to culminate in the launch of a new road map.

Europa Press reported today, Monday, that the Speaker of the Spanish Chamber of Deputies, Michel Petit, will visit Morocco today “six months after Spain announced the start of a new stage in its relations with its southern neighbor, in accordance with an agreement in which Spain, among other things, supported the ruling proposal of Sahara Autonomy, proposed by Morocco as the most serious, realistic and credible basis for resolving the dispute related to the former Spanish colony.

Today, Pathet is in Rabat to attend a meeting of the Bureau and Extended Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean Union with the participation of representatives of the European Parliament, the Egyptian Parliament, the Turkish, Portuguese and Italian Parliaments, as well as the Moroccan Parliament.

During the meeting, the current situation in the Mediterranean region, problems and future prospects of Mediterranean cooperation will be discussed, after which Petit will hold a bilateral meeting with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Morocco to discuss issues of common interest to both countries. .

A few days ago, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Alpariz announced the imminent holding of a high-level meeting between Moroccan officials and their Spanish counterparts. He was then accompanied by a government delegation to attend a high-level meeting with the Moroccan government, which has not been held since 2018 from – for disagreements between the two sides on many issues, primarily on the Sahara issue.

The Spanish newspaper, citing private sources, added that Sánchez chose government members to accompany him to Morocco and excluded members belonging to the Podemos party so as not to “disturb Rabat” given the party’s position. on the Moroccan Sahara, since it supports the thesis of secession adopted by the Front, the separatist Polisario.

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