March 25, 2023

The Moroccan Forum of Young Journalists has renewed its demand for a comprehensive and urgent review of Law No. 90.13 establishing the National Press Council, given the various legal and organizational problems it creates, following the approval of the Government Council. held on Thursday on a draft decree enacting provisions for a National Press Council extending the terms of office of its members by six months.

The Moroccan Forum of Young Journalists affirmed in a statement that “the application by the government of this exceptional measure and legal procedure should not permanently constitute a pretext for compromising the self-regulation of the journalism profession, as provided for in article 28 of the Constitution. ‘, refusing to turn this project into an ‘input’. He places the fate of the council in the hands of the government.”

The same source added that “the forum believes that it would be possible to replace the government’s action with an extension of the mandate of the National Press Council if serious public debates were started early on to share the views of various actors in this area.” closer and culminated in a comprehensive revision of the law governing the National Press Council.”

Taking all of the above into account, the Moroccan Forum of Young Journalists called on the government to “organize consultative meetings with press organizations in order to analyze their views and present their proposals and memorandums regarding the self-regulation of the journalism profession, so that the executive body can expedite the preparation of a new bill for the National Press Council and submit it to Parliament “in its two houses before the end of the term for the extension of the Council’s mandate.”

The Moroccan Forum of Young Journalists has announced that it will make every effort to contribute to this public debate by all available means and to present all its recommendations and proposals aimed at improving the reality of self-regulation of the journalism profession in law and in practice. .

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