March 28, 2023
Photo: WAM

Rashid Bedjikin of Ashtouka Ait BahaMonday, October 3, 2022 – 01:28

An ambush by the Royal Gendarmerie at the Boukri Mud Center in Chtuka Ait Baha Province on Sunday arrested five people suspected of being involved in a knife-theft and motorbike case.

The intervention of the gendarmerie followed a complaint that a man from the Wad al-Safa group had stolen his personal belongings under the threat of white weapons by four people who were on two motorcycles.

After receiving the complaint, the gendarmerie conducted an in-depth investigation, which identified those involved in this crime, before a preliminary investigation showed that they constituted a criminal group specializing in “Christage”.

The interrogation of the detainees led to the discovery of a fifth person, who was detained on suspicion of buying stolen goods. All of them were taken into custody by order of the prosecutor’s office of the Agadir Court of Appeal.

The interests of the Royal Gendarmerie in the various sordid centers in Chtuka Ait Baha are launching continuous campaigns against the criminals, especially in the area of ​​smuggling and “chrysage” propaganda, as they have succeeded in drying up the sources of drug trafficking in Belfaa, Enchanden, Ait Amir and Safa, after arresting dozens of suspects and detention of dozens of suspects. Tons of intoxicating living water and tens of kilograms of drugs.

Robbery of the Royal Gendarmerie Bewkery

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