June 4, 2023

Leila Benali, Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, said the government is working to establish a system for issuing a certificate of origin for electricity produced from renewable energy sources so that industrial consumers and businesses can prove the source of the energy they use in their production chain, and, thus, avoid any carbon tax in the future.
Benali reaffirmed during her participation in the Board of Consultants oral meeting today, Tuesday, that access to electricity from renewable sources will allow companies to improve their electricity bills, as well as allow them to provide products that meet the criteria that classify them as environmentally friendly products that do not apply to the carbon tax to be applied.

In this regard, the minister indicated that the government has been working to accelerate the energy transition and the development of renewable energy sources through a set of measures, the first of which is the issuance of a number of long-awaited regulatory texts from 2011, and the second from 2015, as well as the issuance of a joint decision that allows industrialists and contractors to gain access to renewable energy sources. Through the medium voltage power grid, under the renewable energy law, in addition to issuing a decision defining areas for receiving solar energy projects, which will allow the issuance of administrative licenses for the development of medium and small scale and thus activate a number of projects within this framework.

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