November 29, 2022

Abdel Latif Wehbe, Minister of Justice, said: “The Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights is important because recommendations are issued every 4 years and we follow up on them for four years.”

Wehbe added in his response to a verbal question in the Council of Advisors that “human rights tend to lead to the violation of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, so we stand, we cannot accept that the national question is used to fix positions on human rights issues” .

The minister also said, “This year, 127 countries asked to speak, 80 percent of those in the room were ambassadors. It was a heated discussion and they made many recommendations regarding women’s issues, the death penalty and violence against women.” people, and some came to say strange things about territorial integrity.”

He added: “When we go to the UN Human Rights Council, we must first of all be honest with civil society, and we don’t have time to waste on beautiful words, and all the observations that we received showed the strength and size of Morocco, and also the degree of world respect for it”.

And the minister added: “The High Commissioner for Human Rights told me that Morocco is a role model in the region. We are forming a model, we have agreed on a number of agreements, and, as the ambassadors tell me, we are afraid that this model will be lost. That’s why everyone criticizes us and looks at us.”

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