December 5, 2022

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Communications, Mohamed El-Mahdi Bensaid, took the idea of ​​”creating a worthy museum of antiquities” to the court of the “National Museum Foundation, which, according to the Honorable Dahir, is empowered to direct the management of museums, including the creation of new museums.”

In response to a written question addressed to him by the Vice Speaker of Parliament and a member of the Progress and Socialism team, Nadi Tohami, he explained that the Museum of History and Civilization in Rabat is one of the most important museums at the national level and at the level of North Africa, especially after its recent restructuring.

He revealed the program of “a national museum of geosciences and archeology, whose research has gone through advanced stages and will include museum collections relating to ancient geological periods.”

The written question demanded that “the small Museum of History and Civilizations built since the defense in the twenties of the last century be replaced by a museum that is on the level of the reputation, history and civilization of our country, and in the level of its weight and radiation.”

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