November 27, 2022

Last Tuesday in Casablanca, the Ministry of Industry and Trade launched a bank of projects and investment opportunities in the fields of health and food.

Minister of Industry and Trade Riad Mazur launched the fourth batch of opportunities where he explained that “96 new project maps, carefully defined, will come to enrich the Project Bank of 275 projects and expand it to integrate the measurement of industrial sovereignty, healthcare and products meals in accordance with royal directives.

He stressed that in the current conditions, the industry is called upon to address sovereign strategic issues and food security, setting the goals of self-sufficiency in basic products and increasing competitiveness and innovation.

These new opportunities cover seven areas: water, medicines, medical equipment, food, industrial evaluation of agricultural inputs, packaging, equipment and machinery.

Mazur confirmed in this regard that “with these new opportunities, we hope to capitalize on Morocco’s achievements during the pandemic and provide opportunities in front of the great potential that industrial actors have shown to move forward with more innovation.”

He added that these new opportunities represent an investment potential of AED16 billion and are expected to create 67,000 jobs with a total turnover of around AED28 billion.

According to the minister, the Project Bank has identified 1,179 investment projects in the Kingdom’s twelve regions, 87 percent of which with Moroccan capital, representing 266,392 promising jobs with the potential to reach AED 68 billion locally. and 73 billion dirhams for exports.
The Enterprise Bank, created to stimulate local industrialization and support Moroccan capital in industry, entrepreneurship and industrial integration with the aim of preserving and reviving exports, has achieved great success in just two years of its existence. This success is also due to the multi-dimensional support system it provides to project holders who benefit in this context from financial support for investment, public and private demand and industrial real estate, in addition to adequate training and compliance with standards. .

According to a statement from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the opening of new investment opportunities for the Investment Bank was marked by the signing by the Minister of a forged signature of a contract program for the pharmaceutical sector for the period 2022-2027 with Khaled Ait Taleb, Minister of Health and Social Protection, General Confederation of Moroccan Contracts and the Pharmaceutical Contracts Foundation in Morocco”, the Moroccan Generic Medicines Association and the Moroccan Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmaceutical Innovation.
In the long term, this contract program aims to create around 16,000 industrial jobs with an additional direct value added of around AED 6 billion.
It also aims to improve the trade balance by 10 billion dirhams and increase the number of direct transactions by 15 billion dirhams.
At the conclusion of this meeting, the swindler also signed 40 industry protocols and agreements with various industrial entities within the framework of projects identified by the Project Bank.
These forty multi-industry projects, with a total investment value of AED2.5 billion, will create over 6,508 direct jobs.

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