April 1, 2023

Last night, Monday, as part of the activities of the Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival, as part of its twenty-eighth session, the Moroccan film “Hala Madrid.. Visca Barsa” by Moroccan director Abdelila El Gohari was shown, which is part of a panoramic window on the Moroccan cinema.

Director Abdel-Ilah El-Gohari, in a statement to Hespress on the sidelines of the screening of his film at the Espanyol cinema, said that the film was shot in 2019 in the suburbs of the city of Marrakesh, namely in the Ait Meslouh district, and it was a special production by Ibtihaj El-Meradaghi and Hassan El-Shawi: “It didn’t require talent. Big, but it was made with love and great knowledge, artistic and technical honesty.”

El-Gohari expressed his satisfaction with the end result as “the work hit theaters during the pandemic crisis, but now it’s taking its share and touring national festivals and has won several awards, most recently the decoration award at the Cameroon Festival.”

The spokesperson stressed to Hespress that the sociology researcher, Moroccan writer Osman Ashkra, was the one who led the writing of the film’s script, stating that the man is known for his balanced intellectual and literary output, as well as any social phenomenon he deals with. with no understanding of it.

He explained that “Hala Madrid.. Visca Barsa” was able to touch Moroccan political and social reality in a fluid way and light black comedy, embodying reality in a time period where some people were trying to exploit what is religious. in what is political “which has produced some of the torrents that it reaps in its societies, such as the Libyan, Syrian and Yemeni societies, for this reason.”

Al-Jawhari emphasized that “politics takes place in party headquarters, and religion in mosques, and any confusion between them leads to chaos, and everyone divides religion as he pleases.”

For her part, the young actress Abeer Karui, one of the participants in the Hala Madrid..Visca Barsa tournament, expressed her gratitude to the director Abdel-Ilah El-Gohari for the trust placed in her, as well as to the screenplay Naima Al-Zayani, who said that she was very helped her and that her participation in this work is to be commended.

And the young artist herself, in a statement to Hespress, added that this film is her first experience in front of the camera after working behind her, emphasizing that she embodied in it the role of an innocent girl, her lawyer father, living a love story that shows that this experience opened the door for her to participate in other works with directors.

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