March 25, 2023

Abdelhak Chafik, candidate of the Popular Movement Party, announced the final results of the partial elections in the Ain Chek constituency in Casablanca; With 3,580 votes, he took first place, despite the fact that he came from the Authenticity and Modernity Party, and the candidate of the Istiklal Party, Ismail Benabi, managed to garner 1,219 votes.

The Democratic Forces Front candidate, through their candidate Abdelhak Hilal, received 329 votes, while Rashid Al-Kabil, the candidate of the Justice and Development Party, received only 287 votes, and the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, Mohamed Shawki, managed to get 279 votes for the Ain- Shaq.

In addition, United Socialist Party candidate Adel Shahidi received 76 votes compared to Progress and Socialist Party candidate Yousef Jahid Billah who received 45 votes.

The Justice and Development Party suffered heavy losses in the Ain Chak area, losing its seat in Parliament; Despite the great campaign carried out by the party led by Abdul Ilah ibn Kiran.

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