February 7, 2023

MP Abd al-Latif Wehbe urged the Minister of Justice to make public the results of the investigation into the bar exam, which the ministry was to open amid controversy that the match caused among interested parties and the public. opinion.

Al-Nuzha Abakrim, a member of the Socialist Team in the House of Representatives, asked about the procedures the ministry intends to take to re-adjust examination papers in accordance with the written test syllabus approved in the examination’s descriptive table.

And she put a written question to the Minister of Justice, in which he said: “What is your communication plan to present the truth about what happened, and what you intend to do to correct the imbalance and hold the perpetrators transparently accountable.”

She recalled the protests of many human rights organizations and law students against the “legal, organizational and technical violations” of the exam for the right to practice law, organized on December 4, 2022 under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice.

And it is believed that “the credibility of this exam has been called into question from a legal, organizational, technical and ethical point of view” due to non-compliance with the written test program approved in the descriptive exam schedule.

In addition, “failure to notify candidates that an incorrect answer to a question results in a deduction of two points, and failure to meet the specific success criterion of receiving 80 points as the overall average for each candidate.”

Apart from “a low percentage of passing examinations, which did not exceed 3%, and the lack of equal opportunities for candidates in the different centers in which the examination was held, due to the inequality of the conditions of the organization in terms of discipline and seriousness.”

Notably, controversy accompanied the list of successful candidates released by the Justice Ministry a few days ago, which included the son of the Minister of Justice, politicians, sons of captains, and the chief director of the Justice Ministry.

Wehbe defended in media statements that the parties concerned had passed the legal contest, arguing that everything required by law had been done in their case and he could not block their path.

Last Sunday, candidates who did not pass the exam for the right to become a lawyer took to protest in some cities, demanding the annulment of the results of this exam.

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