February 1, 2023

The National Association of Independents nominated Judicial Agent of the Kingdom Muhammad al-Qasri to serve on the Constitutional Court on behalf of the House of Representatives.

By decision of the office of the House of Representatives, his approval of this candidacy was announced on the condition that a plenary session would be held on January 31 to confirm his election.

Al-Qasri was a member of the Constitutional Council (the old version of the Constitutional Court) until 2016, having taken over from the position of Chairman of the Administrative Court of Appeal in Rabat after being Chairman of the Administrative Court in Oujda, Fez and Rabat. . In addition, he is a visiting professor at the Higher Institute of Justice.

The parties “National Association of Liberals” and “Authenticity and Modernity” divided the candidates for members of the Constitutional Court, presented by Parliament in both chambers. While Al-Ahrar was nominating the Kingdom’s judicial representative to the House of Representatives, Bam nominated Muhammad Ledidi, Secretary General of the Al-Wasit Foundation, to serve on that court on behalf of the Council of Advisors. Ladydy is a former judge, former director of prisons, and was once a general clerk in the Department of Justice.

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