December 5, 2022

The General Directorate of National Security has released a new issue of Al-Shorta magazine, offering readers a group of topical topics, as well as a special folder “Psychotropic substances … main inputs and functional indicators.”

An editorial in the 45th issue of the magazine, titled “Grievance, Awareness and Partnership… A Security Plan to Combat the Danger of Psychotropic Substances”, emphasized that the fight against the danger of psychotropic substances has the same importance, readiness, and vigilance in the fight against terrorism and organized crime. , stating that the security services are well aware that the use of hallucinogenic pills, whatever their nature, in many cases causes serious behavioral abnormalities that lead to the commission of crimes and malicious and hostile acts.

The author of the editorial noted that studies on the safety of violent crime motives have shown that hallucinogenic pills, whether synthetic or medical, illegally tampered with, are responsible for inciting violence in many serious crimes, especially crimes against property, riots in stadiums, physical attacks, and also cases of violent impulsivity, non-compliance with requirements, slander, vandalism and others.

Recognizing the threats and challenges posed by this scourge at the national and international levels, the author adds, the Directorate General of National Security has adopted a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to combating the consumption, smuggling and promotion of psychotropic substances, “based mainly on awareness raising campaigns and partnerships with local communities.

In its special section, the magazine covered several topics, including “Concept… Necessary Entry into Understanding”, “Security Efforts in Numbers”, “Psychotropic Substances Sharing Violence”, “Criminal Investigation… An Effective Mechanism to Deal with Psychotropic Substances”. ”, and also “What is the role of the scientific police in the fight against psychotropic substances?

The dossier also includes an interview with Bushra Saraidi, chief of security responsible for educating the school community in the Sidi el Bernoussi security zone, under the heading “Information in schools is an important step towards the prevention of psychotropic substances.” He mainly touched upon the comprehensive strategy of the General Directorate of National Security, which relies on the preventive aspect, informing and informing as an important contribution to neutralizing the risks of crime.

In the section on royal activities, the magazine published the text of King Mohammed VI’s speech to members of parliament on the occasion of the opening of the first session of the second legislative year of the eleventh legislative term.

As for the “inside” corner, under the title “Strengthening human rights and maintaining international security… the focus of the activities of the Director General of National Security”, he shed light on the negotiations and discussions of the Director General of the National Monitoring of National Security and National Territory, Abdellatif Hammushi, with international security figures and other national human rights defenders. It was aimed at developing mechanisms for international security cooperation “to ensure security and stability at the regional and international levels, as well as to ensure the strengthening of human rights. in the function of security, as a function existing in contact with the system of rights and freedoms.

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