March 28, 2023

Aziz Ahannouch, head of the territorial commune of Agadir, chaired a meeting of the council staff on Friday evening to consider a number of issues of interest to the work of the council.

In a statement released by the office, it is said that in the context of good and innovative management in finding solutions to the problem of financial resources, a presentation was made on the progress of the procedure for obtaining a bonded loan and ways to increase the income of the group and how to evaluate its properties were studied.

According to the same source, the office also examined a number of points related to the sports sector, in particular, a dossier on supporting sports associations, organizing sports events that would help revitalize the city, and creating spaces for youth at the level of all neighborhoods. He also discussed the issue of supporting the Hasania Agadir team and the city’s outstanding teams.

The office also raised the issue of street vendors taking over public property and proposed effective solutions to mitigate this phenomenon by organizing vendors in nearby markets to legalize them, expose the users of these facilities, and provide the necessary logistical conditions. means.

With regard to the environment and quality of life sector, the vision and vision of the city cleanliness council were presented and discussed, the purpose of which is to increase the number of cleaners, improve their working conditions, acquire advanced machinery and equipment to facilitate daily work, and increase the profitability and efficiency of this services, the same message says.

On the other hand, the Office discussed the issue related to the digitization of the civil registration service and other services that can be provided to users through digitization.

He also considered the construction of an underground parking garage in Bijuan Square, which would accommodate more than 1,000 vehicles, as well as the preparation of a large area for artistic performances.
A two-story underground garage will also be built on Exhibition Street connecting Moulay Abdallah Street with Hassan II Street, with a capacity of 426 vehicles.

It was also decided to create an Olympic swimming pool and a sports hall meeting international standards in order to create a comprehensive sports ground capable of hosting national and international sporting events.

With regard to the communications sector, the group’s new digital portal was introduced, which will anchor the principle of closeness to citizens through multilingualism (Arabic, Berber and French), as well as provide a Berber audio reading system and a sign language system. . It will also provide many digital services for users, such as booking gyms, posting complaints, and requesting licenses, the same post adds.

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