June 8, 2023

Abdullah Buanu, head of the Baijidi parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, called the opinion of the Hydrocarbon Competition Council “further official evidence of the condemnation of fuel companies that continued to record high profit margins at a time when the purchasing power of citizens is declining.”

In the opinion of the Competition Council, released a few days ago, Boano added: “It proved the correctness of our position, since we boldly decided to organize a parliamentary research mission on hydrocarbons, and we disseminated many of its data so that national public opinion knows what is happening in this burning sector.”

He added in a post on his Facebook page: “If we had a political prime minister who respects the people and state institutions, he would resign, as he combines the presidency of the government with the sale of fuel, the prices of which have burned down. citizens … but there is no life for those who call.”

Commenting on the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Mirawi, who expressed his admiration for the art of the sheikhs in a radio program, Buano said: “What the minister said is one of the mistakes of the ministry”, noting that the minister is not interested in heritage and is not interested in to integrate its preservation into the higher education system, but he is concerned with the generalization of pettiness and bravado in the name of heritage.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Communications Mohamed El-Mahdi Bensaid did not escape the criticism of Buano’s post because of the evening, which included the rapper “Toto”, which was organized a few days ago in Rabat.

The minister, according to Buano, “wants to encourage ‘rap’ and considers it a new expression, so why did he take it from below, from the bad and the perverted, why didn’t he invite rappers to sing about the country, Moroccan heritage and culture, corruption and injustice.”

He added: “These are also Moroccans and they have their own audience, or the minister wants to spread Totova and spread the model of drug abuse and normalization with this scourge, referring to the confession of rapper Toto at a press conference organized by the Ministry of Drug Enforcement.

The head of the Baijidi parliamentary group asks: “Does this young minister know where he is going or not, does he know that he is a minister in Morocco, or does he imagine that he is in another country that has nothing to do with Islam, morality and public modesty?”

Boano also raised the issue of the AED37 million cinema refurbishment deal, asking, “How could a company specializing in security acquire a cinema refurbishment deal, perhaps its proximity to the prime minister is the reason.”

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