November 29, 2022

OCP Group’s Al Mutmer Initiative has announced the launch of its 25,000 ha direct seeding program during the new 2022-2023 cropping season.

According to a press release issued by the group, 3,000 soil tests will be conducted during the new crop season for 5,000 farmers in 23 provinces, not to mention 45 seeds for professional organizations and training programs for 50 professional organizations.

The direct sowing technique, based on the placement of seeds and fertilizers directly on the soil without bedding preparation, belongs to the principles of conservation agriculture with environmental, economic and social benefits.

With a direct seeding system, soil disturbance is minimized by using no-till planters to conserve soil and water and promote microbial life in the soil.

The OCP Group reaffirms its commitment to supporting the agricultural sector through the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and the Al Motmer initiative to strengthen the direct seeding technique, given its importance, especially in the current situation characterized by delayed rains.

In light of climate change and insufficient rainfall, the Moroccan group stressed the importance of moving towards agroecological transformation models that allow for diverse and complex adaptation measures.

As part of the “fruitful” initiative, farmers will receive support from agricultural engineers to use modern technologies and digital platforms to manage information seamlessly, as well as field trips to the fields to take advantage of field schools that show the positive impact of technologies recommended by engineers.

Soil analysis is the most important service provided by the initiative as it is the first step towards sustainable agriculture, as it allows the firm soils in the fields to be fertilized in a way that increases yields and promotes soil conservation.

During the new growing season, 1,030 application platforms will be set up for direct seeding, a field-specific approach to apply modern agricultural technology, and another traditional field to highlight the difference in terms of plants and crops for the farmer. .

The Direct Seeding program was launched as part of the Al Mutmer initiative in October 2019 in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water Resources and Forests, the National Institute for Agricultural Research and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic Institute. University; This is an initiative that is part of the efforts of the Chérifien des Phosphates to promote the use of adaptation measures for Moroccan agriculture in the face of climate change.

In 2018, the Al Mutmer initiative was launched, which provides many services, as well as expanded and personalized offers, to keep up with farmers, especially young ones. This initiative aims to empower farmers to apply sustainable farming practices, especially sustainable fertilization, which plays an important role in increasing productivity while conserving natural resources.

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