February 1, 2023

The popular movement announced its strong condemnation of what it called the “dastardly maneuvers” of some of the so-called “political currents” hostile to Morocco in the European Parliament.

In a statement released after a preparatory meeting held yesterday Saturday, led by Mohamed Ouzin, its general secretary, and in the presence of Mohanad Al-Anser, the party’s president, the party believes that these hostile decisions of the European Parliament are aimed at the foundations of a strategic partnership Morocco with the European Union.

The popular movement condemned these fictitious maneuvers against the sovereign rights of Morocco, violating in form and content the legal systems and statutes of the European Parliament itself, which provide for respect for the sovereignty of countries.

In a statement, a copy of which was obtained by Al-Youm 24, the party considered that this sudden political failure, which served the European Parliament, first of all called into question the Union’s executive body, which, like the rest of its institutions, praised the path of human rights and democratic model of the Kingdom of Morocco!

The party has also recorded its surprise at this blatant interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, using specific cases and files still pending by the Moroccan judiciary, whose independence has been constitutionally established and carried out on the basis of the testimony of the same European judicial institutions. !

The popular movement called on the European Union, which is a strategic partner of Morocco, to break out of the circle of silence and express its position on this dangerous slide into which the European Parliament has fallen at the behest of some populist currents and party circles affiliated with entities that motivate their position with narrow interests and the smell of the lost and promised gas.

The popular movement reaffirmed that a democratic and human rights-based Morocco, created by the vision of King Mohammed VI, and its compact and coherent home front, continue to make independent decisions and implement its development model as a regional and continental power and a main partner. in the new world.

In its statement, the party added: “The Popular Movement and from its position as the main component of a sincere national and institutional opposition reaffirms its permanent victory of the Moroccan institutions and its firm belief that the supreme and sovereign interests of our country are above all considerations, given that this transformation is unacceptable and condemned by the European Parliament”. will not be disturbed by rash recommendations and decisions based on no basis and written in ink of hostility and ink of hatred towards a country that prides itself on its territorial and national unity and its unparalleled balance in the field of rights and freedoms and its ambitions. What is undoubtedly building a balanced dialogue between North and South and giving the African continent its well-deserved place in the world today and tomorrow.”

In conclusion, the Popular Movement Party praised the position of the MEPs, who refused to participate in this farce, seeking to preserve what was left of the reputation of the continent, which was the cradle of democracy and all noble human values.

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