April 1, 2023

Members of the Operation Marhaba reconnaissance mission in the House of Representatives discussed the challenges facing border crossings in the presence of Transport and Logistics Minister Muhammad bin Abdul Jalil.

According to a source who was present at the meeting yesterday, the deputies called on the minister to provide solutions to a number of problems known to border crossings, especially in Ceuta and Nador, the most important of which is the suffering of community members from long hours of waiting, which sometimes reach 8 hours.

The deputies also warned about the lack of medical facilities, restaurants and some essential facilities, while emphasizing the need to implement measures to facilitate the preparation of Moroccan courts for Moroccans around the world in order to avoid monopoly and reduce high prices. they pay while traveling on foreign ships.

The same source indicated that investments in this aspect should be made before next year.

On the other hand, the discussion revolved around the need for reforms in the ports, both at the level of passages at the crossings, especially in Hergerat, and at the level of some airports, as in the case of Agadir airport.

For his part, the Minister of Transport and Logistics promised to complete the projects within his competence, while calling on the participation of other stakeholders and regional councils to complete the projects within their tasks.

A Hespress source said that at the next meeting of the committee, the details of the report will be discussed with the customs administration in the areas that concern it.

The mission completed its report about a week ago and began discussing its content yesterday at its first meeting with a ministry official, on the condition that it discusses it with the rest of the relevant ministries and agencies before being submitted to the plenary.

The rules of procedure of the House of Representatives provide that standing committees may appoint, at the request of their chairman, after the approval of the bureau of the committee, a team leader or a third of the members of the committee, two or more of its members with a temporary intelligence mission on the terms and conditions of the implementation of a particular legislative text or topic of public interest , or related to the activities of the government, departments, institutions and government orders, in agreement with the apparatus of the House of Representatives.

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