March 25, 2023

In the presence of over a hundred members of the Rissonne family, a general assembly of the General Secretariat of the Raissounia Zaouia was held in Tazaroute.

After reading the literary and financial reports of the Angle Steering Committee, those present unanimously voted for Sheriff Allama Moulay Ali bin Ahmed Raissouni, the new Captain of the Honorable Rissonne in Morocco, General Secretary of the Raissouni Corner Marching Committee.

This date was also marked by the election of the members of the Rissonne Corner Steering Committee, which included more than 18 members representing all the honorary Rissontes of Morocco.

In a speech on the occasion, the “chosen” captain thanked his cousins ​​of honor for their trust in him, praying to God for success and payment in this endeavor aimed at preserving the spiritual and material heritage of Raison Corner. , preserve their lineage and kinship with their children, present their men and revive their roles: spiritual, social, educational, agricultural and others.

It is noteworthy that the new captain of the Rissonians, born in the city of Chefchaouen, is considered one of the scholars of Morocco and one of the symbols of religion and thought. He has extensive knowledge of the culture of countries and peoples through his connections with the highest leaders and influential people in the field of invocation to God, thought, culture and art.

The new captain was known for his defense of the religious and national constants of the Kingdom of Morocco, his commitment to the glorious Alawite throne, as well as his knowledge of noble genealogy, his concern for the history of Chefchaouen and the northern region, and his many years of experience in Moroccan-Spanish relations.

Sharif Ali Raissouni leads the educational and social institutions and institutions, in addition to his initiative to unite the Moroccan zawiyas and Sufi orders, since he established the “Congregation of the Companions of the Righteous” under the patronage of King Mohammed VI.

It is worth noting that King Mohammed VI had previously sent a telegram of condolences and sympathy over the death of former human rights captain Mohammed Mustafa Raisuni.

Upon completion of this activity, a telegram of loyalty and devotion was sent to King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, and to renew the legitimate allegiance to him, in continuation of the centuries-old ancestral approach and prayer for him. for the preservation, victory and empowerment of his noble Alawite family, the noble Moroccan people and the entire Islamic nation.

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