December 4, 2022

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, Nasser Bourita said that in 2022 Moroccan diplomacy continued to make important achievements in the cause of the Moroccan Sahara, not in terms of growing international recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces, nor in time decisions taken by international bodies in this regard.

During the presentation of the sub-budget for the foreign sector before the Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Defense of the House of Representatives, Burita confirmed that the dossier of the Sahara, as King Mohammed VI previously emphasized, has now become the criterion for distinguishing ambiguous positions from the obvious, and our means of determining the depth and credibility of friendly relations and a decisive factor in the evaluation and development of partnerships.

In this context, Burita noted that the circle of explicit support for the autonomy initiative has expanded in all regions and continents, including countries with great influence and extensive knowledge of the matter after the recent decision of the Spanish government on this matter. He also mentioned 3 countries for the opening: Suriname, Togo and Cape Verde. In addition to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, during 2022 it has consulates in the southern regions of the Kingdom, and 3 other countries have announced their intention to open consulates in the coming months, namely Chad, Somalia and Guatemala.

Burita noted the continued decline in fake recognitions of a fictitious entity in 2022, as 84 percent of United Nations Member States do not recognize the secessionist Polisario militias, while “states that recognize this artificial entity remain in the minority internationally. , including countries that have inherited positions that are in some cases dogmatic and ideological,” says Burita.

The dossier also highlights a number of developments that have bolstered Morocco’s achievements, Burita says, including a report by the Secretary-General of the United Nations that highlights the validity and relevance of the Moroccan vision as it sheds light on new dynamics that the dossier knows at different levels, mentioned the dynamics of the opening of consulates general in the Moroccan Sahara, touched upon the democratic process in the southern provinces in September 2021 and the holding of legislative, regional and local elections.

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