June 2, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s main stock index closed up 4.25 points today to close at 10,463.61 points, with transaction volume of 6.9 billion rials.

According to the Saudi Press Agency’s Daily Economic Bulletin for the Saudi Stock Market, share trading volume was 231 million shares, with shares of 156 companies recording an increase in their value and shares of 57 companies closing in reject.

Shares of Takween, Al Kathiri, Zain Saudi Arabia, Jaco and Aldrees were the highest and shares of SABIC Agriculture Nutrients, Al Amar, Anubeeb, Al Arabi and SABB were the lowest. in transactions with rise and fall rates ranging from 9.95% to 8.61%.

At the same time, shares of companies: Americana, Zain Saudi Arabia, Themar, Dar Al-Arkan, and Al-Ahly were the most active in terms of number, and shares of companies: SABIC for Agriculture Nutrients, Themar, Zain Saudi Arabia, Badr al-Ahly Arab” and “Al-Ahly” were the most active in value terms.

The Saudi parallel stock index Nomu closed today at a high of 16.15 points, closing at 19247.78 points, with a trading volume of 29.7 million riyals and a stock trading volume of over 270,000 shares.

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