March 28, 2023

The Spanish government is working to create a so-called “smart border” between Spain and Morocco through the occupied cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

On Tuesday, Spain’s Council of Ministers approved the company that will oversee the operation of the “smart border”. The Spanish Ministry of the Interior has announced €6.8 million for the installation of an automated entry and exit system that regulates border crossings at the Trajal border crossing, while €10.3 million has been allocated at the Ansar Baths border crossing. .

Government delegations from both occupied cities reported on these investments to initiate the installation of so-called “smart borders”. Thus, the new system will allow identity cards or passports to be authenticated in order to provide more complete control, rather than current control, which is carried out manually.

It is noteworthy that the Smart Borders project has been widely criticized by Spanish human rights organizations. Lawyers believe that this project will exercise greater security control through the use of artificial intelligence, also criticizing the “breach of privacy.”

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