June 2, 2023
Image: AFP

Hespress from RabatSaturday, May 27, 2023 – 04:15

Spanish police arrested a Moroccan national in Algeciras on Thursday on charges of committing a public health offense after he was found in the trailer of a truck carrying about 2,000 kilograms of hashish.

And Spanish media reported that a truck from Morocco bound for France was transporting a legal shipment of tomatoes that were to be used in parallel to transport narcotic shir by stuffing them in bags into the walls of its roof. and doors.

The consignment was discovered, according to the same source, on the basis of information collected by the Spanish police through international information exchange channels, according to which a truck or several trucks with a large load of vegetables and fruits, coming from Morocco, smuggled some drugs.

Based on this information, a security unit was formed with dogs trained to detect illegal substances, and throughout the day they worked to search all vehicles arriving from Morocco before a police dog led a suspicious truck for a thorough search. and then immediately arrest his driver.

The same sources indicated that the driver and the only detainee in connection with this case were taken into custody by court order, while the investigation of the case continues until other data related to it are received.

Spanish police, Chira, France

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