February 7, 2023

The scientific symposium organized by the “Youth League for Development and Solidarity” on Saturday evening approached the topic “Amazighism. Reality and Prospects” in the exhibition hall of the Cultural Complex in Nador.

The Symposium was attended by Amina Ibn Sheikh, Adviser to the Prime Minister in charge of Amazigh Affairs, Mohamed Mira, Rural Cultural Heritage Researcher, Rashid Rakha, President of the Amazigh World Assembly, Alhusin Farhad, University Professor at Nador Polydisciplinary College and Mumen Sheker, Professor of the same college.

The symposium, moderated by Donia El-Yakoubi, began with an opening speech by the President of the Organizing Association, Ashraf Belhyan, during which he emphasized the importance of addressing this issue in connection with the celebration of the Amazigh New Year.

Belkhyan said that this scholarly symposium is being held in the context of clarifying this issue and reaffirming the degree of awareness currently prevailing on the dedication to Amazigh identity, culture and language, in addition to the call to endorse the opening of the Amazigh year. as an official holiday.

The speakers touched upon topics related mainly to the issue of teaching the Amazigh language in public schools and related problems at the theoretical and practical levels, Amazigh culture and state policy in resolving this issue.

The speeches also touched on the issue of Amazigh dialects and the stakes on standardizing a single language, in addition to the demand to intensify the official nature of the Amazigh language and make the opening of the Amazigh year an official national holiday.

At the end of the workshop, participants interacted with the topic of discussion by asking a series of questions, comments and suggestions. The symposium made a major recommendation to make the Amazigh New Year an official holiday with pay the following year.

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