March 28, 2023

One of the visitors to the prison, including Brazilian star Dani Alves, a former Barcelona player who is accused of rape and sexual abuse of a girl, spoke about the special treatment that the Brazilian football player receives in prison.

And according to the Spanish newspaper AC, the 39-year-old player does not live in the same conditions as his fellow prisoners, since Alves lives a separate life from the rest of the prisoners, and when he joins the common premises, he is accompanied by four officers.

Alves is also given 100 euros a day to spend in the prison shop, in addition to paying for energy drinks, yogurt, shampoo, deodorant and tuna.


The witness confirmed that he does not know if Alves is in contact with the rest of the prisoners, but he receives special treatment and remains alone because he is a famous player and for his safety, and he can be alone in the cell, that he denies that he is accompanied by a Brazilian a prisoner named Coutinho.

Elvis’ preferred treatment may be of concern to the rest of the inmates, but according to the newspaper, these procedures are normal for Elvis’s safety; Because he is a famous player, and his case is a matter of public opinion.

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