April 1, 2023

The Democratic Confederation of Labor called on the government to fulfill all commitments included in the April 30, 2022 agreement by the April social dialogue meeting, emphasizing the need to return the dialogue to “normal”.

And the Confederation indicated in a letter sent to the Prime Minister that “strengthening the path of social dialogue requires the urgent and exceptional implementation of all the commitments of the previous session, including the results of the sectoral dialogue.”

The correspondent also called for “respect for trade union freedoms, resolving chronic social conflicts and achieving compliance with the Labor Code”, noting the importance of “uploading the National Charter for the institutionalization of social dialogue and the activation of its mechanisms and institutions.”

The document focused on the social situation in Morocco, as it emphasized the priority of “providing practical answers about the destruction of purchasing power and the degree of deterioration of the social situation, the level of urgent expectations of the working class and general citizens.”

In this context, the same source pointed out that there is a group of “objective reasons that have contributed to blocking the paths of social dialogue in the past, culminating in the problem of non-compliance and fulfillment of social obligations and contracts. ”

In this context, the trade union center stated that “trade union freedoms continue to be violated, in addition to distorting the process of hiring workers”, calling for “negotiation and consensus on social laws, rather than the infringement of social benefits associated with retirement”.

The correspondent monitored “the failure of the government to fulfill the obligations contained in the agreement of April 30, 2022 regarding the general increase in wages, the revision of income tax segments, the creation of a new degree and the observance of trade union freedoms.”

Based on this, she called for “addressing social conflicts and implementing the National Charter for Social Dialogue”, believing that these problems “contribute to the return of social dialogue to the stage of stagnation, trap and loss of trust.”

Khaled Lahouer Al-Alami, deputy secretary general of the Confederation of Labour, said: “The government’s failure to fulfill its obligations to Moroccan workers hinders social dialogue, especially in light of the difficult economic situation in the country.”

“The government has not responded in any way to the demands of the unions, especially regarding wage increases, income tax cuts and trade union freedoms,” Lachauer Alami added in a statement to the online newspaper Hespress.

And he continued by explaining that “the government has responded only to the demands of the employers, while neglecting the demands of workers suffering from rising prices in the light of stagnant wages”, emphasizing that “the Confederation will continue to hold protest strikes until its demands are not will be completed”.

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