June 4, 2023

The National Union’s Council of Advisors team wrote to Fatima Al-Zahraa Al-Mansouri, Minister of National Territorial Development, Urbanization and Urban Policy, regarding the delay in establishing the Ministry of National Territorial Development’s Social Business Institute. , Urbanization, Housing and urban policy.

Khaled Al-Satti and Lubna Alawi of the National Trade Union reported that after more than a year and a half since the establishment of the Social Business Fund of the Ministry of National Territorial Preparation, Construction, Housing and Urban Policy, the appointment of the institution’s general director and the loading of its organizational structure is still slow, raising questions from everyone involved.

The same source called for speeding up the start of a dialogue with workers’ representatives in representative unions on the revitalization of the institution, in accordance with a consultative methodology and a participatory approach.

Two parliamentarians asked the minister about the procedures for consulting with trade unions represented in the sector when establishing this institution, as well as about the measures that the ministry intends to take to eliminate this delay in loading this institution? period?

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