June 2, 2023

Against the backdrop of a lenient court decision in the case of the rape of a Tiflet girl against three people, Women of Authenticity and Modernity called on the Minister of Justice and Parliament to review the legal chapters outlining the crime of rape, adopt deterrent penalties and increase the punishment of perpetrators of rape, especially against children and women.

Commenting on the decision handed down by the Criminal Division of First Instance of the Court of Appeal in Rabat, the statement made by the Bama women called for the start of a calm trial, human rights and legal discussion in the case of child rape rates. , noting that “it is unfair that women who have been raped alone continue to bear the consequences of their forcible rape.”

He added that “it is also unfair to take away the right of a child, innocent and forcibly born to life, to enjoy his dignity and normal social status, to rid him of the harsh gaze of society and its judgments that haunt. him throughout his life.”

He also demanded the approval of material protection for mothers of victims and children born as a result of rape, in accordance with the fact that the constitution provides for equality between children, regardless of their social status.

Justice Minister Abdel Latif Wehbe said: “He is stunned by the content of the recent court ruling against three defendants in a child rape case.” This sentence was enough for only two years in prison, despite the severity of the crime.

Notably, Abd al-Latif Wehbe, Minister of Justice and General Secretary of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, expressing his shock at the ruling, explained that his ministry is “seeking to increase the maximum penalties in the new draft criminal law, in order to protect children from rape, drug use and other assaults.”

Notably, a recent ruling by the Criminal Division of First Instance of the Rabat Court of Appeal provides for two years in prison for three individuals, aged 25, 32 and 37, “who took turns raping an 11-year-old woman from the outskirts of the city of Tiflet in the province of Hemisset.

The rape incident resulting in pregnancy and the court decision against the defendants caused widespread discontent among associations working to protect the rights of children and women.

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