June 2, 2023

Today, Thursday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced three days of mourning and flags at half-staff to commemorate the lives of 9 Palestinian civilians who were killed by Israeli forces in Jenin, in the north of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian President also called the leadership to an emergency meeting.

For their part, Palestinian national and Islamic forces called for a comprehensive strike in the Palestinian governorates “in mourning for the souls of the martyrs of Jenin.”

The death toll from the Israeli army’s assault on the Jenin camp in the occupied West Bank this morning rose to nine, including an elderly woman, and 20 injured, including 4 in serious condition.

Israeli forces stormed the city and the Jenin camp and climbed onto the roofs of houses in the camp, leading to an outbreak of clashes in which soldiers opened fire with bullets and tear gas canisters at Palestinian youths who confronted them.

According to a Palestinian health ministry statement, the situation in the Jenin camp is very critical, indicating that Israeli forces stormed the Jenin government hospital and deliberately fired tear gas canisters at the children’s ward, causing children to suffocate.

Palestinian presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh called “what is happening in Jenin and its camp a massacre perpetrated by the Israeli occupying government in light of the suspicious silence of the international community.”

Abu Rudayneh added: “International impotence and silence is what is driving the occupying government to commit massacres against our people in front of the whole world, and it continues to ignore the lives of our people and interfere with security and stability while continuing its policy of escalation.” .”

He stressed that the Palestinian people are steadfast and will not give up Jerusalem and the holy places despite the crimes and massacres committed by the occupying forces.

The Jenin camp has been the focus of several incursions by Israeli forces in recent months, and Thursday’s incursion was the bloodiest since early 2023.

For its part, the Israeli army said it carried out “an operation in the Jenin camp against Islamic Jihad activists” on Thursday morning. While trying to detain wanted persons suspected of being involved in a large-scale terrorist operation recently…. Some of them were killed in a skirmish with our troops,” stressing that there were no casualties among his forces.

On Wednesday evening, Israeli forces shot and killed two Palestinians, one in the north of the occupied West Bank and the other in the Shuafat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem. Clashes also took place in East Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood, in which two people were injured, one seriously and the other moderately, and were taken to an Israeli hospital, according to Israeli police.

According to the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli bullets in the West Bank since the beginning of the year has reached 29.

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