June 2, 2023
Image: Hespress

Mohamed Ait HusseinFriday, March 31, 2023 – 04:10

The Tinghir Regional Council announced that it has fulfilled its commitments at its regular session in June 2022 with a budget of AED 7,200,000.

The Tingir Regional Council told Hespress that the commitments made include the purchase of two sports transport buses worth about AED 700,000 and the purchase of school transport buses worth about AED 700,000. about one million 500 thousand dirhams.

The council said it has received AED 10 million from the Draa-Tafilalt Regional Council to buy buses for school transport in the coming days.

He also announced the purchase of ambulances worth about AED 3 million and the purchase of vehicles for the Royal Gendarmerie worth about AED 700,000, in addition to the purchase of machinery for the benefit of the groups in the amount of AED 1,400,000 and a firefighting truck. .

The head of the regional council, Thinghir Brahim Ait El Qaseh, said that these projects, approved by the council at its regular session last June, “are aimed at promoting sports and schooling in the region, as well as strengthening the fleet of ambulances in the settlements of the region in order to facilitating the process of transporting patients to healthcare facilities.

Ait El Qaseh added in a statement to Hespress that “great efforts are currently underway, along with the Oasis Community Group, to mobilize financial resources to purchase snow plows and mechanisms to eliminate isolation during floods, as well as to purchase vehicles for the Royal Gendarmerie to strengthen fleet of this apparatus by vehicles to facilitate the work of security agencies to ensure the safety and protection of citizens and their property.

The same official added that “Tingir District Council is loading a set of development and social projects for all population groups without exception”, and noted the efforts of the district worker, who “always extends a helping hand to the Council to realize the obligation.”

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