June 4, 2023

This Saturday afternoon, the constituent parts of the Federation of the Left will hold their merger conference, after a long process, with the aim of uniting the three left parties into one party.

The conference, which will be organized by the International Complex of Childhood and Youth in Buznik, was chosen for the slogan “Paths Unite… Renewed Left”. Opening session, according to a member of the Organizing Committee.

The unification conference is attended by about 1,200 representatives of the Social Democratic Vanguard Party, the Federal National Congress, the unitary left component that broke away from the United Socialist Party, and left-wing activists.

The new National Council will elect the next secretary general of the new left party, who, according to informed sources, “will be none other than one of the leaders of the federal components, Ali Butawala, general secretary of the Vanguard party.” , Abdel Salam Laziz, head of the Federal Congress, or Muhammad al-Sassi, leader of the leftist trade union component.

Al-Sassi and his comrades defected from the United Socialist Party due to the decision of its general secretary of the party, Nabilah Munib, not to present federation candidates until the September 8, 2021 elections.

The new General Secretary, for whom the Preparatory Committee proposes the name “Federal Democratic Left”, will lead the next phase for a period of one to two years on the decision horizon to hold its national conference to elect its secretary. -General elections instead of the consensus mechanism used during the merger conference.

It is likely that the decision on the name of the new body will be delayed, Ali Batawala, general secretary of the Social Democratic Avangard Party, said in a statement to Al-Youm 24, in which he stressed that “this is the last thing we will think about , because we are mainly thinking about the success of the merger conference, with consensus and equality in representation between the three components, whether it be the conference or the devices that will emerge from it.

The opening of the merger conference will begin with the rescheduling of the ranking match between the national football team and its Croatian counterpart, which will start at 4 pm, so that the conference will start after the technical ceremony.

The conference agenda includes the first plenary session, which will present draft papers prepared by thematic committees emanating from the conference preparatory committee, on identity, political line, public project, public action, organization and laws.

And the second plenary session is devoted to voting on the proposal of a new National Council, which is a merger of the national councils of federal subjects.

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