March 28, 2023

The unification and reform rights movement described the statements made by rapper Taha Fahsi, known as “Al Qarandi Toto”, at a press conference and artistic evening organized by the Ministry of Culture a few days ago in Rabat as “ignoring attitudes towards the values ​​and identity of Moroccans.”

The movement linked Toto’s claims of drug abuse and his repeated use of profanity on the evening podium to a previous attack that he said was directed against an Islamic entity.

A communiqué issued by the movement’s executive body described such behavior as “dangerous blunders that must be put to rest and act with the necessary rationality and full responsibility, and dedicate oneself to realizing the Moroccans’ expectations of a decent life instead of these unacceptable provocations.”

And the leadership of the movement considered that “the most dangerous thing is the silence of the Ministry of Guardianship and inaction of the government with all its bodies responsible for maintaining public order and protecting society from such reckless behavior.”

The government considered, in the words of its spokesman, Mustafa Baitash, obscene and obscene words uttered by “Toto” as “unacceptable behavior”, noting that “the government will work to take all measures to ensure that such behavior with which Moroccans are not familiar s, especially in Morocco, are not repeated. Public space”, adding that “Moroccans have the right to spend evenings with their families in an atmosphere of respect and observance of public morality.”

Toto’s statements sparked widespread controversy on social media between those who considered their consumption of contraband to be personal freedom and those who believed that participation in these immoral activities affected their audience, especially since it was followed by a large number of teenagers and children.

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