March 28, 2023

On Sunday, the Nadora Regional Federation of Trade Unions organized a protest march that began in front of the employment headquarters in support of economic and social demands.

A group of trade union bodies under the banner of the Moroccan Workers’ Union, with the support of cadres, professors, employees, workers and employees, took part in a protest march.

The Nadora Regional Federation of Trade Unions marched through the city’s main streets, where protesters chanted a group of slogans denouncing the conditions under which the sector group is suffering and the failure to respond to their demands.

According to the union’s report, the march was organized to protest the high cost of living, declining purchasing power, the expulsion of union members, the persecution of the working class, and the restriction of trade union freedoms.

The message calls for the integrated development of the Nador region in economic, cultural and sporting terms, improving the working conditions of employees, prioritizing the population of the region in employment and real support for youth in creating development projects.

He also called for the development of a comprehensive and integrated development plan for the region, which touches all areas, to encourage youth employment, prepare infrastructure for Nador and expand cultural and sports offerings.

Rabih Mizied, general secretary of the Nador Regional Federation of Trade Unions, said that this protest march is taking place in the mobilization context called for by the central Moroccan labor federation in Morocco, pointing out that the march took place in an ideal atmosphere and all trade union sectors of the federation participated in it, and through it the protesters expressed their demands through banners and billboards, carried demands on a national scale, and others on a regional and regional scale.

Maziad added in an interview with Hespress, saying: “These demands can be grouped into three axes: a high cost of living, a deterioration in the purchasing power of the working class and the general public, and condemnation of the anti-social policies being pursued. government.”

He pointed out that there are “demands related to the restriction of trade union freedoms and the expulsion of trade union activists, the instability of employment in the public and private sectors, the consideration of requests from the trade union sectors, as well as demands related to the development of the Nador region. in general at the economic, social, cultural and sporting levels.

At the end of his speech in Hespress, Mor called for “the need to listen to the voice of the Moroccan people and find solutions to the dilemma of the high cost of living and the tax burden that the burden falls on the working class.”

Post-Unionists protest against "Conditions get worse" In Nador first appeared on Hespress – Hespress, a Moroccan e-newspaper.

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