November 27, 2022

In light of the continued rise in fuel prices in Morocco, the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdel Jalil, released data on the results of government support for transport professionals, noting that “95 percent of targeted professionals used 6 quotas. support totaling around AED 3.5 billion from March 2022.”

It came during a ministerial on Tuesday evening with a verbal question on “the impact of fuel prices on the transport sector” presented by the “kinetic group” in the House of Councilors, which said “a total of 170,000 vehicles were covered.” on fuel subsidies in Morocco through an electronic platform designed for this purpose, for submission of applications, as well as for tracking by professionals.

Abdel Jalil’s testimony was in line with a statement from the Ministry of Transport and Logistics that “the registration process for additional support for road transport professionals will begin on Friday, November 11,” noting that the process “is proceeding in accordance with the decision.” government at a meeting on 03 November.

In this regard, and in order to “provide structural answers to the problem of fluctuating fuel prices and their relationship with the road transport sector”, Abdel Jalil in his speech said that “The Ministry of Transport is presenting to professionals a draft law on the” designation “of road transport, which was prepared on the basis of their demand.” “.

The proposed bill also obliges the two parties (the carrier and the shipper) to “review the prices of transportation between themselves in the course of transportation in the event of a change in the price of fuel between the date on which the price of the service was agreed and the date of the provision of the service itself.”

Abdul Jalil denied public transport fares for travelers have “increased” and added: “This is a clear and well-known issue.” Before noting in his response to the consultants’ comment that “the movement of goods is free and does not significantly contribute to the increase in prices and consumables,” he declined to “take responsibility for a slight increase in traffic due to problems.” high prices for consumables, regulated by the logic of the market, supply and demand.

On another issue, the same government official stated that “Morocco has 25 airports; Including 19 international airports covering various regions of the Kingdom; It has a very ample total capacity of 39 million passengers per year compared to an average passenger flow that does not exceed 25 million passengers.”

The minister also indicated that the airport network has been strengthened with new terminals for Marrakesh-Menara Airport and Fez-Sais Airport, as well as the first terminal of Mohammed V Airport and Guelmim, Zagora, Rashidiya and Nador stations; Conclusion that work continues at the airports of Rabat-Sale, Shrif el-Idrissi in El Hoceim and Saniya el-Raml in Tetouan.

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