June 2, 2023
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Hespress-dpaSunday, April 2, 2023 – 11:33 PM

Tunisian Health Minister Ali Al-Murabit declined to speak about the health of President Qais Said, who was absent from events in Tunisia for about two weeks for no known reason.

President Said has not been publicly active since March 22 last year, and no events or official interviews with him have been posted on the Tunisian presidency Facebook page.

Until that date, President Said had had no problems, but his absence raised many questions about his health.

Minister of Health Ali Merabet, who was present today, Sunday, at a press conference, did not provide any information about the state of health of the president to a question from journalists.

Lawyer Amin Mahfouz, who was appointed by President Said as part of the committee that oversaw the discussion of the new constitution, said: “We hope for the safety of the President of the Republic, but the people have the right, given the enormity of the President of the Republic, to receive accurate information.”

President Said has significantly increased his powers in a new constitution, which he drafted in a popular referendum following the announcement of exceptional measures in 2021 and the dissolution of Parliament and several other constitutional bodies. The opposition accuses him of establishing a one-man rule.

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