November 29, 2022

Returning students from Ukraine have confirmed that they will continue their education in Ukrainian universities after a large number of them failed to pass the entrance exam to private medical colleges for reasons that some of them consider “exceptional” and do not take into account the system. and the language they studied outside of Morocco.

Informed sources told Hespress that almost 70 percent of students who returned from Ukraine and passed the entrance exams to private medical colleges failed to pass the exams organized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

A member of the Coordination of Students Returning from Ukraine stated that the limited number of places approved by universities is not in the interests of students, noting that 30 percent of the candidates for the match are modest and do not provide good opportunities for students.

On the other hand, the spokesman stressed that the agreement that united the ministry with the parents of students was not respected, especially regarding the study of the financial situation of parents in order to approve the reduction in tuition fees. Universities also required students to bring complete documents, which is difficult to implement at present time due to the lack of students who were able to take their documents out of Ukraine, adds the same source.

For some students who passed the exam, passing the exam was not enough to get into college, as the student’s mother confirmed in this context that her daughter, who was in her fifth year in medicine, decided not to enroll. at a private university in Morocco, despite successfully passing the exam, due to the lack of any steps to reduce the cost of tuition and for reasons related to the mismanagement of the case of these students.

In a statement to Hespress, the spokeswoman explained that the tuition fee set by the medical school where her daughter competed would reach twenty million santims a year, four times the cost she previously paid in Ukraine.

The spokeswoman also condemned the way the exam was administered, noting that “students feel like they’re just people forced into these colleges by the ministry, making their academic path unstable.”

Students demand that the ministry continue the dialogue and prepare a detailed report on distance learning, especially since the number of those who continue their education in Ukraine is a large proportion of repatriates from the war.

The number of students who returned from Ukraine and passed the entrance exams to private medical colleges reached 393, 150 students passed dental exams, 83 students passed pharmaceutical exams, and 160 medical students.

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