November 29, 2022

On the occasion of the forty-seventh anniversary of the victorious Green March, His Majesty the King pointed out that the first national cause was passing a decisive stage on the path to the consolidation of Moroccan Sahara.

If this timeless epic allowed the liberation of the land, then the continuous marches led by the king are aimed at preserving the dignity of the Moroccan citizen, especially in the Moroccan Sahara. And that means wasting this dignity and pushing it for almost half a century behind the separation wall in the camps of humiliation and disgrace.

1. Legitimacy of achievements in the language of numbers:

This is due to a comprehensive development program with a financial package of more than AED 77 billion, which aims to launch real economic and social dynamism, create jobs and investment opportunities, and provide the region with the necessary infrastructure and facilities.

Here, what is behind the speech indicates that the time for demagogic and ideological speeches is over, and that the words must take measures that put them into practice through public policy. 80% of the entire financial envelope is allocated for this.

The Tiznit-Dakhla highway, which has reached its final stage, has been completed, linking the region to the national electricity grid, as well as strengthening and expanding communication networks. Programmed solar and wind farms have also been completed. Construction work on the large port of Dakhla-Atlantic will soon begin.

2. Economic development:

If the economy is the main engine of development, a number of projects have been implemented in the field of valuation and transformation of marine fisheries products, which provide thousands of jobs for the population of the Moroccan Sahara.

In the field of agriculture, more than six thousand hectares have been provided and developed in Dakhla and Bujdur, and they have been made available to young farmers. Most of the projects programmed in the phosphate, water and sanitation sectors are being completed ahead of schedule.

3. Socio-cultural sphere:

On the social and cultural front, it has witnessed a number of advances in health, education and training, support for self-employment initiatives, and the development of the Hassan language and culture as a core component of a unified national identity.

4. Moroccan Sahara, Morocco’s gateway to Africa:

Throughout history, the Moroccan Sahara has represented the human, spiritual, cultural and economic link between Morocco and its African depths. In this context, the King referred to the Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project, which was signed in the December 2016 agreement. The Memorandums of Understanding recently signed in Rabat with the Economic Community of West African States and in Nouakchott with Mauritania and Senegal represent a critical building block in the course of completion of the project, which will provide a set of opportunities and guarantees in the field of energy security, economic, industrial and social development for fifteen countries of the Economic Community of West African States, except for Mauritania and Morocco. It is a calm and regal response to the hostile policies of some neighbors.

5. A call to preserve the legacy of the Green March:

Loyalty to the spirit of the Green March and its eternal oath requires the continued unanimous mobilization of the home front around the constants of the Moroccan nation and the vigilance of living forces in order to protect the unity of the nation, strengthen its progress and its connection with its African depth.

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