June 2, 2023
The new human resource management platform has been adopted in Saudi Arabia and various countries in the Arab region, including; And Emirates, Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait to manage personnel and human resources easily and smoothly, according to what was announced by “Foodics Saudi Arabia”; unify personnel transactions between multiple branches, rather than relying on different applications. The payment platform serves a group of groups in the restaurant sector; These include traditional restaurants, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, bakeries, food trucks and even cloud cuisines common in the Arab region. Given the distribution of its operations in remote geographic areas, Foodics was looking for the best human resource management solution that gives it a unified view of managing its employees through a single platform in a simple and smooth manner, which improves their efficiency and production capabilities.

It is worth noting that Foodics operates across multiple countries, so it has had to adhere to different rules governing aspects of human resources, payment processes, and data restrictions, in addition to having to deal with various benefits arising from its expansion and operations. . in a new country.

It is worth noting that savvy companies in the region are replacing outdated HR solutions with DarwinBox, which better takes into account local features and business needs in a particular country. Focusing on making digital transformation easier for its clients, it offers software related to employee lifecycle management, custom workflows, recruitment and onboarding, performance management, expense management, compensation, and payroll processing across regions.

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