February 8, 2023

A number of universities are in an exceptional position due to the extension of the terms of office of those appointed to act, some of which have exceeded several years, despite the surrender of matches in a number of them.

The state of vacancies in positions of responsibility, according to a statement released by the Moroccan Syndicate of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has made these universities “temporary institutions incapable of making decisions.”

Among these universities that are experiencing a “vacuum at the level of the presidency” are the University of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah in Fes, the University of Ibn Tofail in Kenitra and the University of Mawla Ismail in Meknes.

And at the university level, which are currently managed on behalf of some time ago, “14 institutions out of 17 at Hassan II University, 4 institutions out of 9 at Hassan I University, 6 institutions out of 10 at Mohammed I University, 3 institutions out of 9 at the University Maul Ismail and more than 4 institutes at Qadi Ayyad University and at the Faculty of Sharia at Ibn Zahra University.

The statement warned of the severity of this recession, which “has negatively affected the operation and management of these university institutions”, blaming the government.

The Minister of Higher Education also asked about the reasons for the controversy accompanying the process of managing nomination files for the presidency of Moroccan universities, including Hassan II University in Casablanca, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah University in Fes, Sultan Mawla Suleiman University in Beni Mellal and Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra.

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